Divinity and Maximal Greatness (Routledge Studies in the by Daniel Hill

By Daniel Hill

This publication examines divine nature when it comes to maximal greatness. It investigates every one characteristic linked to maximal greatness - omnipotence, omniscience, ideal goodness and sweetness, arguing that maximal greatness is critical for divinity.

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28) above. It seems clear that this belief is different, for before the doctor’s bombshell I have not answered to my name, and I have not thought the note ‘Daniel Hill to give seminar tomorrow’ a cause for concern. Now I am in a panic, and leap out of my chair when I hear the name ‘Daniel’ called. Imagine that I were given a questionnaire before 18 Some philosophers think that one believes p only if one occurrently believes p or has occurrently believed p (and not forgotten it). Others think that one believes p if one has a disposition to assent to p were one to give it consideration.

Hence these are actually limits simpliciter, rather than limit cases. 43 It might be claimed that someone travelling backwards would be travelling less than 0 km/s in a particular direction, but we are here discussing speed in general, not speed in any particular direction. Introduction 25 Miller’s final example is his only one that is mathematically correct. This example is that the circle is the limit case of the polygon. Miller is correct that the circle is not a polygon, though sometimes people wrongly claim that a circle is a polygon with infinitely many sides (a circle actually has no sides).

To answer this we shall have to look in turn at what I know and what every divine being knows. 36) Daniel Hill is Daniel Hill. 36) is not news, however; you know the expressed proposition, as do many others: family, friends, and every divine being. At the very least, those that have stopped to consider the matter know it. 18 But I also know something else. Imagine, similarly to the example that Kretzmann himself gives, that I have amnesia. The name ‘Daniel Hill’ rings vague bells; I’m pretty sure it is the name of somebody.

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