Die Westexpansion des neuassyrischen Reiches: Eine by Roland Lamprichs

By Roland Lamprichs

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Italic yvornus (Cl. ) 5. Celtic w: 6. ) Hercynia daur (OE) jurh (OE) trzo R9c gulah 7. ) daru parkati8. Iranian 9. Albanian n 10. Armenian 11. Anatolian 12. 7? kalzn Eighteen Arboreal Units 1. The Birch: *bherH-8-0- The birch is usually treated as one of the basic, pan-PIE morphemes, one of those "sound etymologies" which serve as a basis for formal theories; for example, Lehmann includes it in his discussion of PIE phonology (1953, p. ' In part this has been because of the distribution through a t least six stocks, and in part because, like the willow, the birch is one of the few tree names with reflexes in both Iranian and Indic (the maple and pine are far less certain).

The suggested protoconnotation and etymological relation is interesting because of the geographical spread and noncontiguity of the stocks, and because of the well-known poetic and religious connotations of this tree in the ritual and folklore of northern Europe (especially Germanic and Slavic, but also Finno-Ugric; Holmberg 1927, p. 266). I have argued below (note 1 to chap. 4), on the basis of congruous grammatical, lexical, and cultural gender categorization in Germanic, BaltoSlavic, and Indo-Iranian, that the birch has been a femalevirgin symbol for many Indo-Europeans for over five thousand years.

4. Populus: *osp*Osp- is attested in three central and east European stocks, where several closely related words denote different species of the genus Populus. The white poplar was denoted by the Old English mpe, and the North Sorbian wosa, whereas Lithuanian Bpulid or Z p u & refer to the black poplar. The quaking aspen is labeled by the Latvian apse and the Russian odna, the latter deriving from Proto-Slavic *opsa (Vasmer 1950-58,2: 282). There is disagreement about the sequence of medial consonants.

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