Dictionary Of Gods And Goddesses (Facts on File Library of by Michael Jordan

By Michael Jordan

This books bought all of it, i did not comprehend there have been THAT many deities! certainly essential for any witch/pagan/coven...or somebody who desires to understand whatever approximately any deity.

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ART REFERENCES cultic statues, etc, most notably the multi-breasted figures at Ephesus. LITERARY SOURCES cuneiform texts (earlier Asian models); Iliad (Homer), Theogony (Hesiod). ORIGIN Artemis is a deity of very ancient origins who survived and attracted great popularity in both Asia Minor and Greece into Christian times, when arguably much of her ethos was transferred to the Virgin Mary. Both figures enjoyed major sanctuaries at Ephesus. As an Asiatic goddess Artemis was often drawn winged and standing between wild animals.

She possesses a girdle with magical properties. The famed statue of the goddess from Cnidos (circa 340 BC), depicting her naked, is the first of many such erotic interpretations. The temple at Paphos once dispensed model phalli and lumps of salt to cultic pilgrims, and the Corinthian sanctuary enjoyed, according to Strabo, more than a thousand cultic prostitutes. Apis Bull god. Egyptian. The living personification of the creator god PTAH in Memphis, he acts as an intermediary between the supreme god and APOLLO mankind.

Mesopotamian (Sumerian and Babylonian-Akkadian). A son of ENKI who apparently acts as a messenger and reporter to his father. Linked with rituals of exorcism. Cult center Ku’ara. In Babylonian times he became largely syncretized with MARDUK. Aruru Mother goddess. Mesopotamian (Sumerian and Babylonian-Akkadian) See also NINHURSAG˜ A. Asar Equestrian god. Pre-Islamic northern Arabian. Known only from inscriptions at Palmyra. Arvernus Local tribal deity. Celtic (Gallic). God of the Arverni. Aryaman (companion) Minor sun god.

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