Demons Are Forever: Confessions of a Demon-Hunting Soccer by Julie Kenner

By Julie Kenner

Intriguing new escapades for the demon-hunting stay-at-home mom-from america at the present time bestselling writer of Carpe Demon. it is not effortless while your daughter's found out that her mom's a demon hunter-and desires to develop as much as be similar to her. Or for those who suspect your useless husband used the forces of darkness to filch the physique of one other human. And your dwelling husband is not the guy you married anymore both. furthermore, Kate's obtained a worthwhile yet lethal merchandise that each demon inside commuting distance desires. With husband woes taking part in havoc together with her feelings, an bold teenage prot?g?e at her heels, and hell to pay, this stay-at-home mom's putting in place loads of additional time.

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The branches slapped back against the demon as I tugged, and his wail rang in my ears. I had the ice pick ready in my right hand, and as soon as the demon emerged, I slammed it forward. " I froze, the pick only inches from his face, and my fingers released the grip on his arm even as I jumped back. "Brian? Brian Dufresne? " In front of me, nine-year-old Brian stared google-eyed at the ice pick that had just about done him in. "I—I—" I cursed, then slipped the thing into my back pocket, "For heavens sake, Brian!

Why didn't you come out? " His face turned bright red. " He sighed and shoved his hands into his pockets. "I hit my baseball over our fence. And I'm not supposed to go into the neighbors' yards, so I didn't want to say anything. I'm really sorry. " I sighed, feeling extremely relieved I hadn't impaled the kid, and more than a little foolish. I gestured back at the shrubs. " One quick nod. " He started to, then stopped, looking up at me with pup-pydog eyes. "I won't tell your mom," I said. " I looked him straight in the eye.

I mean, come on. " I didn't, but I also had never expected her to sneak out of the house after I'd told her in no uncertain terms that she couldn't go out. But she had. And the consequences had been bad, bad, bad. She rolled her eyes, apparently able to read my thoughts. "I got it, Mom. " "Good kid. " she asked, perking up. " "I was thinking we'd stay in the parking lot," I admitted. "You can apply for your learner's permit soon. " she asked, eyes bright. " "Thanks, Mom," she said, rewarding me with a rare hug.

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