Curious myths of the Middle Ages by S Baring-Gould

By S Baring-Gould

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Are of crystal ; the tables are partly of gold, partly of amethyst, and the columns supporting the tables The are partly of ivory, partly of amethyst. " gems adorning this mirror, a and burned is wicks supplied with balsam. palace ovir com- increase the coui'age of the In the palace, at night, nothing batants. court . . Be- ascent the to twenty steps of por- After a description of the mirror, which is guarded night and day by three thousand armed men, he explains its use taking to : " We look therein and behold all that is place in every province and region subject our sceptre.

Peter. b}^ ; churches established sway more extensive than exercised tained Bokhara the that ; the for it the wild to hordes which haunted those dreary wastes tra of was anathematized Nestorius into exile. became East, and to The Council denying the hypostatic union. the true Cath- But the Nestorian Rock ; it rested on and when the rain descended, and the winds blew, and the floods came, and beat upon that house, it fell, leaving scarce a fragment behind. Prester yohn. 49 Rubruquis the Franciscan, who on a mission light little into Tartaiy, on the was He fable.

If them man against our foes, and neither at our pleasure nor beast is left our Majesty gives the requisite per- And when all return with our hosts our foes are eaten, then w^e home again. These accursed from the four quarters fifteen nations will burst forth of the earth at the end of the world, in the times of Antichrist, and overrun Saints as well as the great the way, will we the all cit}^ abodes of the Rome, which, by are prepared to give to our son be born, along with all Italy, Germany, who the ; Pr ester two Gauls, give The 39 and Scotland.

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