Crysis: Prima Official Game Guide by David Hodgson

By David Hodgson

Crysis: Prima reputable online game consultant ДИЗАЙН и ГРАФИКА,РАЗНОЕ, ХОББИ и РАЗВЛЕЧЕНИЯ Автор: David Hodgson Название: Crysis: Prima legitimate online game GuideИздательство: Prima video games Год: November thirteen, 2007 Страниц: 242 ISBN: 0761557407 Формат: pdf Размер: 29 MBВ книге все о игре Crysis. Описание оружия, снарежения, карты, ситуации, стратегия игры и много интересного. 70% графического материала. eighty five

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ADVISORY As the troops emerge, Strength Punch the LTV so it slams into the foes. Mop up survivors using your Punches. PRIMA Official Game Guide With aimed rifle fire, you can snipe both crewmen of the Small Patrol Boat and commandeer it for yourself! Plan 02: Alternatively, stay at the top of the ravine A2 and shoot the foe walking in the barn. Then remain here in Crouched cover and wait for the KPA to head up the ravine, firing at you. Return fire, cutting them down one at a time. Optional Path Armor Speed Strength Cloak Object Gun Add-On Grenades Explosives Vehicle 06C.

D e sh a e nl U The Main Approach Drive along the main dirt road until you spot a rusting restaurant sign A1 before the two Pickup Trucks. Ditch your vehicle. Cloak and bring out the Binoculars. Slowly make your way up the left or right grassy undergrowth. Look for the nearest foe with your Binoculars, then silently drop him. He may be patrolling in the grass. Guards may be alerted, so keep prone and in cover while your suit re-energizes. Slowly work your way up the side of the road, dropping enemies one at a time after Cloaking, then take cover A2 .

Vantage Balcony Attack Although this isn’t necessary, you get additional Grenades and a supreme feeling of satisfaction if you tackle the five Special Forces men behind the trailer. There are two entrances, two foes manning machine gun turrets, and one enemy standing at a shack in the middle of the area. Ascend the left steps B1 . The enemy by the shack is easily tackled with silenced rifle fire. Go into a Crawl behind the metal gun case stack B2 . While Cloaked, blast the incoming foe as he creeps in.

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