Crossing Barriers & Bridging Cultures by Arturo Tosi

By Arturo Tosi

This article offers translators from varied linguistic backgrounds discussing multilingual translation within the ecu Union. All articles tension the political size of multilingualism, and the pro position of the translator as communicator, on which a lot of the credibility of a union "speaking with one voice in lots of languages" will finally rely.

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Brevity: ‘le flop’ is shorter than ‘l’échec’, ‘le boom’ than ‘l’essor’, ‘la star’ than ‘la vedette’. g. newspaper headlines. Comprehensibility: the ‘approved’ French word may not be readily understood. ‘Le fax/faxer’ are likely to be understood where ‘la télécopie/le télécopieur/envoyer par télécopie’ are not; the same applies to ‘scanner/le scanneur’ as against ‘numériser/le numériseur’. Unconscious pro-American reflexes, as an expression of fashion or as a result of over-exposure to US media.

Tente d’éradiquer les termes anglais de son vocabulaire’ (‘France . . is trying to eradicate English terms from its vocabulary’ – p. 180 – a point which will be taken up later in this article). They also – if, again, only briefly – repeat the view, often heard in certain French intellectual milieux, that the Internet is essentially a medium for US cultural (and therefore, presumably, linguistic) domination: ‘nous allons tout droit “vers un nouveau siècle d’impérialisme américain”, par le truchement de la maîtrise des réseaux électroniques mondiaux’ (‘we are heading straight “towards a new century of US imperialism”, via the mastery of the worldwide electronic networks’) – (p.

Even so, not all French IT coinages have succeeded: ‘le shareware’ and ‘le freeware’ are far more likely to be found than ‘le partagiciel’ and ‘le graticiel’; and the coinages ‘le fureteur’ and ‘le butineur’ have made little headway against ‘le browser’. In some cases, current usage hesitates between the French term and the anglicism, as in ‘le fichier attaché’ or ‘l’attachment’, ‘le lien’ or ‘le link’, ‘la Toile’ or ‘le Web’. g. in advertisements) ‘an individual website’. Conversely, however, where a genuine French term is employed, there are cases where French has evolved greater sophistication than English in differentiating senses: for ‘email’ (assuming the English word is not used), French has evolved ‘la messagerie’ or ‘le courrier électronique’ for the function, and ‘le courriel/le mél’, as two alternative forms for an individual message (or for an email address).

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