Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino

By Italo Calvino

Spell binding tales concerning the evolution of the universe, with characters which are formed from mathematical formulae and mobile buildings. “Naturally, we have been all there, - previous Qfwfq stated, - the place else might we've got been? no one knew then that there might be house. Or time both: what use did we've got for time, packed in there like sardines?” Translated by way of William Weaver. A Helen and Kurt Wolff Book

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And Lll came out with one of her usual dares, her challenges to feats: "Qfwfq, how long can you keep your balance? " And she darted forward with her Earth-creature's leap, now slightly hesitant, however. This time I not only felt I could follow her, but also that I could win, because my paws got a better grip on damp surfaces. " I cried. " she said. "How can you run beyond the edge? " Perhaps this was the opportune moment to bring up the subject of my great-uncle. " I said to her. " "I'm saying that my great-uncle N'ba N'ga lives in the water the way we live on the land, and he's never come out of itl" "Ha!

I began to combine predictions of the most immediately and easily calculated events with others that required extremely complicated operations. "Hurry, look at the way the planets are condensing: now tell me, which is the one where an atmosphere is going to be formed? Mercury? Venus? Earth? Mars? Come on: make up your mind! And while you're about it, calculate for me the index of demographic increase on the Indian subcontinent during the British raj. What are you puzzling over? " I had started along a narrow channel beyond which events were piling up with multiplied density; I had only to seize them by the handful and throw them in the face of my competitor, who had never guessed at their existence.

I mean, I have the pleasure to present to you my future bride, Lll," and I pointed to my fiancée, who for some unknown reason had stood erect on her hind paws, in one of her most exotic poses, certainly the least likely to be appreciated by that boorish old relative. " my great-uncle said: a remark that in his day no doubt had been considered courtly, but to us sounded downright indecent. I looked at Lll, convinced I would see her turn and run off with a shocked twitter. But I hadn't considered how strong her training was, her habit of ignoring all vulgarity in the world around her.

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