Controlling a New Migration World by Virginie Guiraudon, Christian Joppke

By Virginie Guiraudon, Christian Joppke

Controlling a brand new Migration global explores the criteria that force fresh migration regulate rules and, in flip, sheds gentle at the unintentional outcomes of rules for the hot personality of migration. This ebook asks how we will account for the immigration guidelines of liberal states. Is the hot linkage among migration and safety a rhetorical invention of elites or a mirrored image of fixing migrant profiles? Are states' keep an eye on rules successfully containing or merely redirecting undesirable migration flows? This more and more appropriate factor could be of serious use to a person operating in comparative politics, sociology and learning ethnicity or overseas migration, in addition to pros operating within the migrant/asylum and public legislations fields.

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G. in France, they rose from FF 5,000 to FF 10,000 in 1993). Laws vary cross-nationally in our case studies yet they all implicitly target asylum-seekers arriving by air. They have been strictly enforced and the airlines bear the burden of proof. For instance, for Schipol airport alone, KLM has had to pay 4,500 ¢nes of 5,000 guilders from 1994 to 1997. 12 They indeed act as ``sheri¡ 's deputies'' in the sense that compliance involves exercising the kind of expertise visa and passport control o¤cers have.

Discrimination on the part of the state can already be ruled out as the explanation because there are signi¢cant inter-group di¡erences: in England, Afro-Caribbeans and Africans are seven times more likely to be imprisoned than South Asians, even though both groups are subject to similar levels of racial discrimination in employment and housing (Smith 1997); in the Netherlands, Moroccans have markedly higher crime rates than Turks, even though both are similarly economically and socially disadvantaged and with a similar settlement history as guestworkers between 1950 and 1973 ( Junger-Tas 1997); and self-selected economic migrants from many Asian countries show lower crime rates everywhere than even the resident population, and this in the ¢rst and subsequent immigrant generations (Tonry 1997b: 22).

In 1985, France, Germany and the Benelux countries signed the Schengen agreement although, in contrast to the 1990 implementation agreement, it only devoted three articles to migration control (articles 7, 17, 20) and a EC working group speci¢cally dedicated to the issue called the ``ad hoc immigration group'' was founded in 1986. At that point in time, there were di¡erent groupings involving di¡erent countries. Yet the link between immigration and policing and security issues had already been established.

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