Contemporary Comics Storytelling by Karin Kukkonen

By Karin Kukkonen

What if fairy-tale characters lived in ny urban? What if a superhero knew he was once a fictional personality? What in case you may well dispense your personal justice with 100 untraceable bullets? those are the questions requested and replied during the tough storytelling in Fables, Tom Strong, and 100 Bullets, the 3 twenty-first-century comics sequence that Karin Kukkonen considers intensive in her exploration of the way and why the storytelling in comics is greater than in basic terms entertaining.

Applying a cognitive method of analyzing comics in all their narrative richness and intricacy, Contemporary Comics Storytelling opens an fascinating standpoint on how those works interact the legacy of postmodernism—its subversion, self-reflexivity, and ethical contingency. Its 3 case reviews hint how modern comics tie into deep traditions of visible and verbal storytelling, how they reevaluate their very own prestige as fiction, and the way the fictitious minds in their characters generate complicated moral idea experiments. At a time whilst the medium is taken a growing number of heavily as tricky and compelling literary artwork, this e-book lays the basis for an research of the ways that comics problem and interact readers’ minds. It brings jointly comics experiences with narratology and literary feedback and, in so doing, presents a brand new set of instruments for comparing the photo novel as an emergent literary form.

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The fact that different readers often draw the same inference has to do with how successful that inference turns out to be in connecting text and contexts in the endeavor to understand the story and find the text’s meaning (see Sperber and Wilson 2008, 61). Readers can entertain different inferences, one replacing the other, as new information becomes available and different contexts and schemata become relevant. 11 As readers move from panel to panel on the Steve Canyon page, they connect the clues (both verbal and visual) into a common mental model.

Barthes describes intertextual codes as “a perspective of quotations, a mirage of structures” (1975, 20). Yet readers do not stand helplessly in front of polished intertextual surfaces; they actively use and modify them. With the pig’s head on a stake, Fables invites readers to draw analogies with Lord of the Flies, but this is another option for readers to playfully generate meaning rather than a trap for their thinking. Eco concludes his article on codes by stating that “[t]o see cultural life as a web of codes and as a continuous reference from code to code is to restore to the human animal its true nature” (1977, 52).

Multiple meaning potentials and cognitive complexity are part and parcel of our cognitive engagement with the text, not some exceptional add-on. 3. Three Key Issues: Intertextuality, Storyworlds, and Fictional Minds With a basic account of the cognitive processes in reading comics in place, we should now turn to the question of how this model can be harnessed for the analysis of comics storytelling. ” The next step is to develop what Bordwell (1989) calls a “poetics of effects”—a reconceptualization of the traditional tools of narratology in terms of this encounter between minds and texts.

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