Consonant Structure and Prevocalization by Natalie Operstein

By Natalie Operstein

This monograph proposes a brand new interpretation of the intrasegmental constitution of consonants and offers the 1st systematic intra- and cross-linguistic learn of consonant prevocalization. The proposed version represents consonants as inherently bigestural and makes powerful predictions which are immediately correct to phonological concept at either the diachronic and synchronic degrees, and in addition to the phonetics of articulatory evolution. It additionally in actual fact demonstrates vast generalization of the thought of consonant prevocalization offers a uniform account for plenty of famous tactics normally thought of self sustaining – from asynchronous palatalization in Polish to intrusive [r] in nonrhotic English, to vowel epentheses in Avestan, and to pre-/s/ vowel prothesis in Welsh. Consonant prevocalization has now not performed an important function within the improvement of recent phonological conception up to now, and this paintings is the 1st to spotlight its vast theoretical value. It develops vital theoretical insights, with a wealth of assisting info and a wealthy bibliography. without doubt, this booklet may be of serious curiosity to phonologists, phoneticians, typologists, and historic linguists.

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In order to encode height distinctions in vowels, [open] may be further subdivided into [mid], [narrow], and [wide] (Browman & Goldstein 1986 and subsequent publications; Gafos 1999: 12f; Albano 2001: 54f). The glottal (GLO) and velic (VEL) gestures are specified by the constriction degree alone as the notion of constriction location does not apply to these articulators (see Table 5). In order to represent the temporal extent of gestures and their coordination with one another, Browman & Goldstein have introduced two-dimensional diagrams in which gestures are shown as boxes located on separate tiers corresponding to the different articulators.

Working within Chomsky & Halle’s (1968) framework, Reighard is able to relate palatals and velars to their prevowels and vocalic allophones on the basis of the shared values of the features [high] and [back]. By the same token alveolars, which are (redundantly) [-high, -low, -back], should generate a [e] instead of the attested [ә]. Reighard gets around this problem by assuming that [ә] is an underlying [e]. The reasoning behind this assumption is never made explicit (and, incidentally, nothing in the presentation of Maxakalí phonology in Gudschinsky et al.

In all these cases – CP, vowel lengthening, and vowel epenthesis – the vowel space preceding the triggering consonant is strengthened by assimilating a new vocalic element. The difference consists in the identity of the absorbed vocalic element. In CP, it takes the form of a prevowel with the properties of the Chapter 1. Consonant prevocalization  vocalic component of the consonant; in vowel lengthening, it is identical to the segmental vowel; and in vowel epenthesis, it may surface as a schwa or a copy of an adjacent vowel.

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