Conductive Polymers and Plastics by John R. Reynolds, Charles K. Baker, Cynthia A. Jolly, Paul

By John R. Reynolds, Charles K. Baker, Cynthia A. Jolly, Paul A. Poropatic, Jose P. Ruiz (auth.), James M. Margolis (eds.)

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The structural, spectrochemical, and electrochemical studies on this system closely parallel those of 3-alkylthiophene polymers. The oxidation of insulating poly(3-methoxythiophene), electrochemically or with 12 , results in the formation of bipolaronic species. Reduction of the oxidized polymer with three equivalents of triethylamine gave 90% conversion to the insulating polymer. Dopant anion exchange in solution was also studied in this polymer. The replacement of typical anions, such as perchlorate, tetrafluoroborate, or hexafluorophosphate, with other anions that are used as carriers for drug release was analyzed.

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