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A Historical-Comparative Reconstruction of Nilo-Saharan (SUGIA)

Nilo-Saharan is likely one of the 4 significant language households at the African continent. It extends eastwards from the Niger to Western Ethiopia and extra southwards to Northern Tanzania. whereas the prestige of Nilo-Saharan as a phylum has been principally authorised on account that Greenberg (1963), the interior class has remained debatable.

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Tew-1:'6~ with secondary full-grade) gives Greek *e-1:'Eea which is transformed into *e-1:'eeO in the same way as *e-aTeea < IE. *e-stera-t (: 'theme II' *streH3-, d. a7:ew-7:6~) is changed to *e-aTSeO. The latter undergoes metathesis and gives *e-aTOee)' *S-7:eeO follows suit and becomes *e-1:'Oee. , (dialectally) *ll-7:o(1-e « IE. e. *e-7:o(1e -+ l-7:0(1-8. The same applies to e-poA-e, e-7We-e etc. For the development of l}. , d. W. F. , Studi Micenei XIII, 1971, 107f£. (with references). O(}EfJat is suggested by K.

Dukte, DeS. dusti, Goth. dauhtar, Avestan dugdar, Arm. dustr, and, with a medial vowel, Skt. duhitrlr-, Toch. B tkacer, A ckacar, Hieroglyphic Luwian tU-wa/i-tarafi- (KZ. ), Lye. A kbatra, Gk. {}vya:7:rJf2 all reflect an IE. 26 The medial vowel (Skt. 21> For an entirely different reconstruction of the word for 'daughter' in IndoEuropean see Szemerenyi, Hermes 105, 1977, 387. For Oscan fuutrei see Lejeune, BSL. LXX 251 (: *dhug(~)ter- > *Juhter- > jUter-) , but d. Buck, A Grammar if Oscan and Umbrian 129, note 1.

Problemes 179f. (In Problemes 180, he adds the following remark: "On pourrait ici contester Ia validite des rapports ai: i, au: u, oi: i, ou: u (avec 0 fondamental), cette sOfte de degre ,zero n'etant en effet attestee que dans des traces insignifiantes, ,d. ldg. Gr. II 250ssq. l'augment dit temporel. -vis the full-grade forms CRe, CRa, CRa < *CReH1- etc. " In some cases CRe- < *CReH1 - reilects a secondary full-grade as in Skt. prli-ta-, Lat. -pletus < *pleH1-tO-: Skt. 8. A further example is (xaO"t-)yvrrror; < ~

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