Compute!'s first book of Atari games by Compute! Publications, Inc

By Compute! Publications, Inc

Fifteen video games for Atari pcs, able to sort in and luxuriate in. Arcade video games and studying video games together with the simplest from Compute journal plus many never-before-published video games and chapters on tips to strengthen your individual video games

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This feature, added only to make the mazes more challenging, can easily be altered by changing the GOTO 185 in line 250 to GOTO 190. , you have not changed levels). Therefore, the program replaces the previous space with the variable 1: which contains the screen memory value of the space you were on before. When you move, the control-T is moved in the proper direction, and T is POKEd into the space you just moved from. It is confusing, but it works, and it works fast. Tunnel Checking The tunnels, when used, merely change the value of the sixth byte of the display list.

Therefore, when you are ready to begin, you press START, which tells the program that you are poised with joystick in hand; the top level is displayed and timing begins. You will see an S in the upper left corner of the screen, with the ball character (control-T) underneath. You are the ball character. Threading the TUnnels Just move the joystick in the direction you want to go. " Simple enough. If you chose a one-level maze (chicken), you will see anF at the lower right corner of the maze. That's where you want to go.

Surround (or Blockade) was a popular arcade game in the early days of video games. The format of the game is not complex, but it is still enjoyable and challenging. The object of the game is to build walls to trap the opposing player and force him to collide with: his own walls, the opposing player's walls, or the boundaries of the playfield. When this occurs, the player who did not crash receives a point. Upon every collision, the walls of the player who crashed will blink. The screen is then cleared and the game continues.

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