Computational Medicinal Chemistry for Drug Discovery by Patrick Bultinck, Hans De Winter, Wilfried Langenaeker, Jan

By Patrick Bultinck, Hans De Winter, Wilfried Langenaeker, Jan P. Tollenare

Watching computational chemistry's confirmed worth to the advent of recent medications, this reference deals the strategies most often used by and academia for ligand layout. that includes contributions from greater than fifty pre-eminent scientists, Computational Medicinal Chemistry for Drug Discovery surveys molecular constitution computation, intermolecular habit, ligand-receptor interplay, and modeling responding to industry calls for in its choice and authoritative remedy of issues. The booklet examines molecular mechanics, semi-empirical equipment, wave function-based quantum chemistry, density practical conception, three-D constitution iteration, and hybrid methods.

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It is likely that reparameterization of GB/SA for a particular force field may improve the results for the force field. This has been demonstrated by Cheng et al. [61], who partly reparameterized the GB/SA model for the MMFF force field with a resulting significant improvement in performance. 43 kcal/mol from using the original GB/SA model with MMFF. A generalized Born model with parameters specifically tailored to the AMBER force field has been reported by Jayaram et al. [62]. The force field dependence on calculated conformational equilibria in aqueous solution has been demonstrated in a study of the strongly polar ionotropic glutamate Molecular Mechanics and Comparison of Force Fields 19 receptor agonist kainate [63].

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