Comparative linguistics in Southeast Asia (Pacific by Ilia Peiros

By Ilia Peiros

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1 ta^ *do:rf 20. $ no:k7 Saek ro:J:7 26 23. Proto ZhT *r-t WrS Proto Zhuang *r. 2 loir)1 Wm rorj1 24. Proto ZhT *r-th WrS h Lz h Po 1 Proto Zhuang *r. Some Nung dialects (Tho, Tai) maintain *-th. 5 25. Proto ZhT *r-d WrS r Lz /II *r-d differs from *r only through reflexes in Lz. 1 26. Proto ZhT *C-t WrS t Lz In Wuming: r-; in the Nung dialects: th-. 'eye' *C-tzA taA h Po 27. Proto ZhT *P-t WrS In Wuming: r-. 3 Wm ralk7 Tho thaik7 7 phjaik talk pjll Po dauB pjaifi 29. 5 31. 9 33. Proto ZhT *1 Proto Zhuang *1 'blood' *1iat WrS Lz t 28.

W vll via V - wn w w wn ? w pU j ? 36 The following examples (most of which are also to be found in Thurgood 1988a) illustrate these correspondences : 1. *p SL, Ma, Mn, Tn, Ka, Mm p: 'aunt' *pac: SS, SL, Mn, Tn, Ka, Mm pa3 2. *ph SL ph, Ma ph Ia, Mn Tn, Ka ph, Mm - : A rare initial. 'end', 'tip' *pheA: SL phe1, Maphe l a , Tn, Kaphe 1 3. bunA: SS, Ma Tban1, Mn bon2, Tn men1, Ka, Mm mdn1. 4. ba:n1, Ka pam1. 5. *pl SL, Ma, Mn pj, Tn p, Ka pj, Mm py: 'rock' *plaA: SL, Ma, Mn pja1, Tn pa1, Ka pja1, Mm pya1.

53. , Mn pe3, Ka ne3, Mm ps3. 54. *j SL, Ma j II, Mn Tn zj II, Ka s II, Mm - : One example only: 'grandmother' *jac: SS, SL, Ma jaf*, Tn zjat, Ka sa4. 55. jo:n], Ma jun3 (irreg. tone), Tn jin], Ka jun1. 56. jaA: SS, SL ja1, Ma jala, Tn ja 2 , Ka tja], Mm ca1. 57. *s(h) SL - , Ma s Ia, Mn, Tn s, Ka he, Mm s: A rare initial: 'you' *s(h)VA: SS sa:uJ, Ma sila, Mn se1, Tn siu1, Ka hcaiu1, Mm sa:u}. 58. *z SL s II, Ma z II, Mn z II, Tn s II, Ka c II, Mm - : One example only: 'pus' *zok. SS, SL sok8, Ma zok8, Mn zok8, Tn sok8, Ka cok8, cf.

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