Colloquial Jakartan Indonesian (Pacific Linguistics, 581) by James Neil Sneddon

By James Neil Sneddon

This publication goals to explain facets of the Indonesian language as spoken by means of trained Jakartans in daily interactions. This kind of language is in lots of methods considerably diversified from the formal language of presidency and schooling, to the level that it merits separate attention. whereas formal Indonesian has been the topic of a large amount of description little or no consciousness has been paid to the casual kinds of the language. the diversity defined the following, Colloquial Jakartan Indonesian, is the status number of colloquial Indonesian and is turning into the normal casual variety. the outline and texts in following chapters are drawn from recordings of common speech of proficient humans dwelling in Jakarta.

While the e-book goals to notify people with a historical past in linguistics the wishes of academics and inexperienced persons with very little wisdom of linguistics is usually borne in brain. The paintings hence doesn't ponder theoretical linguistic matters nor use technical phrases which might no longer be simply understood via such a lot readers.

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FI, CJI: siaran ‘a broadcast’) (69) Gua lagi ujian waktu itu. I continue exam-an time that I was doing an exam at that time. (FI, CJI ujian ‘an exam’) (70) Gua kasian sama dia. I pity-an to him I feel sorry for him. (FI, CJI kasi(h)an ‘pity, compassion’) Other verbs like this include tawuran ‘engage in street brawling’, rekaman ‘to record’, ikutan ‘join in’. 30 Chapter 2 In a few cases the -an verb corresponds to an FI verb with ber- but no suffix: (71) Lagi latihan tablo. continue practice-an tableau We’re practicing for the tableau.

Thus FI berkumpul, CJI ngumpul ‘gather, assemble’; FI bertanya, CJI nanya ‘ask’; FI beradu, CJI ngadu ‘touch; strike against’: (35) Disuruh ngumpul anak-anaknya. ordered N-gather children-nya The children were told to assemble. With such verbs only the L prefix N-/nge- occurs, never meN-. There are also a few intransitive verbs which occur without a prefix in FI but which can take a nasal in CJI (as well as occurring without a prefix). Thus FI tumbuh ‘grow; emerge’, CJI numbuh; FI iri ‘jealous’, CJI ngiri; FI sampai ‘arrive’, CJI nyampe: (36) Udah numbuh semua, belum?

While these words are almost always pronounced with ə in CJI conversations, pronunciation with a becomes more frequent as the social situation becomes more formal, as with many other aspects of speech. Moreover, it is not possible to predict which words with final a in FI will have ə in CJI. Schwa in this position in CJI reflects ə in earlier Malay; this became a in Classical Malay, which is reflected in FI. If a word is inherited 3 Brown and Yule (1983:15). 18 Chapter 2 from a word with a in the final syllable in earlier Malay, this is retained, thus CJI delapan ‘eight’, renang ‘swim’, bulan ‘month’, amat ‘very’.

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