Chicken Little: the inside story : a Jungian romance by Daryl Sharp

By Daryl Sharp

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Help! " I have mentioned variations. There's an Indian tale where the impending apocalypse is announced by a hare. In Sri Lanka a bat gets the nod, in Borneo a mongoose, in Australia a bandicoot. Stephen Kellogg's well-known illustrated version actually begins not with Chicken Little but with a fox-Foxy Loxy-lurking behind a hedge. Foxy Loxy sees Chicken Little and immediately thinks of supper. The fragmentary line giving rise to this possibility, on the first broken tablet, is traditionally read as ".

26 "The Eros Theory," Two Essays, CW 7, par. 32. Page 16 -giving further credence, I think, to Brillig's seminal notes on Chicken Little as a dissociated neurotic. Just then Turkey Lurkey appeared, strutting, stroking his handsome comb. "You sillies," he said, "you winged stick-heads, feathered furies, stop your fussing and squawking and wailing. " And with that he stalked off to the village. And there the tablets end. Were the police fetched? We don't know. Did the sky fall? 27 Let Chickle Schtick fill in the gaps.

31 Arnold and I have had our disagreements, for sure, but being with him puts me in touch with sides of myself that are otherwise a closed book. Projection, I suppose some would call it. The power to constellate, says Arnold. Come to think of it, he had had a significant hand in my Chicken Little paper. "Well," said Arnold, crashing on the sofa with that boyish grin he has. " "It would help if you said we," I replied. Rachel came back about six. She found us face to face in the living room, going at it.

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