Central Pain Syndrome: Pathophysiology, diagnosis and by Sergio Canavero

By Sergio Canavero

Vital soreness Syndrome is a neurological situation brought on by harm particularly to the valuable worried process - mind, brainstem, or spinal twine. this can be the one updated publication to be had at the medical facets (including prognosis and treatment) of CPS administration. The authors have constructed a truly entire reference resource on relevant discomfort, inclusive of history fabric, pathophysiology, and diagnostic and healing info. A scientific secret for a hundred years with out powerful therapy, this publication turns the idea that of incurability of relevant soreness on its head offering a rational method of treatment in line with a rational thought.

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8. Pain quality Muscle spindle pain Burning Cold A cramp or contraction, with burning. There are sometimes areas of constant cramping sensation, usually in a single muscle belly, as well as diffuse burning when the muscle takes on a load. Weight-bearing while sleeping or resting on a surface also causes great soreness, so that pts feels like they have been sleeping on rocks. ) Pts may describe muscle spindle pain as ‘‘drawing’’ or ‘‘pulling’’ or ‘‘crushing’’ A chemical, not a purely physical burn Terms used: mentholated burning like the skin of my legs has been destroyed and the charred flesh turned up at the edges like in a dry lake bed a sick burn, like that inflicted by a toxic chemical a scalding, scathing torment, like in hell like touching dry ice so that it burns my hand tells me the skin of my legs is cold but it feels like burning like I am touching an incredibly cold pipe in a freezing night, so that it drains the flesh and burns me like a dentist is touching the nerve in my tooth, only very cold Metallic like tinfoil under my skin creepy, like chewing tinfoil Wetness When I am wet and sweaty, my skin is really sensitized and the burning lights up and I feel wet and uncomfortable underneath the burning ‘‘I feel like I am being put on ice and then put into a fire with a million ice picks plunged into my body’’ (Bette Hamilton, one of Dr.

The pain may vary in site (‘‘wander’’), disappearing from one limb only to arise in another, and intense pains in the limbs may be found simultaneously with only paresthesias in the face, or vice versa (Garcin 1937; Riddoch 1938). , Michel et al. 1990; Tasker et al. 1991); in contrast, CP is never localized to an unaffected area. CP is experienced as superficial (projected to the skin), deep (originating in muscle and bone) or both in varying proportions. 9. , burning in leg and aching in face or, for example, in Wallenberg’s syndrome dysesthesias to the hemiface and shooting pains to the limbs and trunk or vice versa) and seemingly identical lesions may cause different combinations of pain qualities in different patients.

1995) Kumral et al. (1995) Andersen et al. (1995) Wessel et al. (1994) Samuelsson et al. (1994) Parietal lesion Schmahmann and Leifer (1992) Steinke et al. 3%) 34 (34%) 7 (44%) 5 (PSS) 20 3 (50%) CPSP nr 27 (61%) Hemorrhage Men 6 (33%) 6 (33%) Infarct 33 (53%) Stroke Thalamic stroke (CP in 10/18 pts, sex distribution not reported) Lacunar infarct syndrome. Pure sensory stroke (thalamic) in 10 cases. 4%) Thalamic hemorrhages Pure or predominant sensory stroke due to brainstem lesion. 6%) Subgroup of Bowsher (1996) pts 17 (68%) 63 (55%) Meta-analysis 9 (56%) Nasreddine and Saver (1997) Yamamoto et al.

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