Caribbean Migration by Elizabeth Thomas-Hope

By Elizabeth Thomas-Hope

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In order to understand the dynamics of that view it is necessary to understand the ways in which change is effected in the individual image. Change occurs through the combined impact of the messages received by the individual from the environment and the changes which occur in the value system of the individuals themselves. Messages refer to information, circumstances or occurrences which convey meaning at the societal and individual level. The impact of messages on the image Firstly, messages received may bring about no change iij the image at all.

In particular, the images of migration, of risk, of opportunity and other relevant aspects of the process, are influenced by information about legislative changes in immigration laws, in the opportunities of working or living in a country other than the present country of residence. Not all information alters the image. This is the case usually because the information is not meaningful in relation to the existing image, even though it may well be highly significant information to someone else, or in a different context.

There is nothing absolute about the meaning of either place, time, events in space or time, or even information about events in space and time. Therefore, in various ways, place or space and time are relative phenomena and provide heterogeneous media within which people's cognitions are developed. The relational dimension The image is comprised of a field of personal relationships and an awareness of self within that network. This includes an awareness of one's social, economic and political position and role within the international framework, as well as within the home country, the social class to which one belongs, the community, the family and the household.

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