Buying & Selling Jewelry on eBay by Stacey King Gordon

By Stacey King Gordon

Frequently, Gordon appears protecting of even if the 1st notice within the identify is "Buyers." As a patron, i'm pissed off together with her biased suggestion, e.g., depart optimistic suggestions for the vendor so they will do a similar for you. A shopper completes his/her obligations first, that's, to pay. as soon as performed, the logical step will be for the vendor to fee that consumer. Then whilst the piece of bijou is received--if it's received--the client may still fee the vendor on even if the piece was once bought and shipped with integrity.

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Buying & Selling Jewelry on eBay

Oftentimes, Gordon looks protecting of dealers even though the 1st observe within the identify is "Buyers. " As a patron, i'm annoyed along with her biased recommendation, e. g. , depart confident suggestions for the vendor in order that they will do an identical for you. A customer completes his/her tasks first, that's, to pay.

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Caution Beware lots that promise “treasure chests” with hundreds of carats of gemstones— unless you’re simply looking for a colorful grab bag for kids. Sometimes dealers or collectors purchase huge lots of rough stones and then pick out the very best gems for themselves. eBay is a good way to offload what’s left—which are usually “commercial grade,” or low-quality, gemstones. It’s fairly safe to assume that if prices are very low for a “treasure chest” lot, the true treasures have probably already been removed by somebody who knows what to look for.

If no Buy tab is present, look for a list of categories on the left side of the page. 2. In the list of categories, click Jewelry & Watches. When you do, you’ll see a long—and somewhat overwhelming—list of subcategories. 3. Click these subcategory links to drill down one, two, or even three more levels. As you click into the sublevels, you are narrowing your selection, becoming more specific about what you’re browsing. 38 Part 2 eBay for Buyers In general, the main headers in the eBay Jewelry & Watches section refer to a type of jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, or rings.

As opposed to searching (which I’ll talk about in a moment), browsing is typically an activity for buyers who have money to spend but don’t necessarily know what they want. It’s also a fun way to while away the few spare minutes between meetings at work or before you go to bed at night. Of course, once you become familiar with the categories, you might find yourself returning to a handful of them again and again—clicking four or five times to find these categories, and then cruising through all the listings you’ve already seen to find what’s new.

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