Bulfinch's Age of Fable or Beauties of Mythology by Thomas Bulfinch, W. H. Klapp, Stanley William Hayter

By Thomas Bulfinch, W. H. Klapp, Stanley William Hayter

The writer explains that the aim of this e-book is to 'tell the tales with regards to the religions of historical Greece and Rome that are now extinct - that now they belong now to literature'.

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Deme'er). (Heia). (Hades). (Posnidoo). (Hestia). Japecua. Latona (Leto). i Minerva (Athene). Epimetheus. Prometheus. Atlas, ilkNK. URANtrs=G«A. « I Cronus^Rhea. -inus^Tethys. Phorcys=Cetc* lliauinas. Nereus. Ilnachus Nepiune= Am phi trite, Galatea. Thetis. Ins Barpies Gorgona. ScvKa, Sirens, Oceanids. Doris=Nereus, Neptune^Amphitrite. j«Hi river godft. I I Nere'ides. AchiUes. Triton, Proteus. Triton, Oymene. ZEUS. OR JUPITER. tTS= Demeter (Cores). Zsob-^ Bera (Juno), 4 I Hebe. Epi met heus^Plftndora Prometheus«=Clymene.

Here they conversed of the affairs of heaven and earth ; and as feasted each they quaffed their nectar, A-pol'lo, the god of music, delighted them with the tones of sponsive strains. his lyre, to When which the Muses sang in re- the sun was set, the gods retired ta sleep in their respective dwellings. The following lines from the "Odyssey" will Horaer conceived of Olympus ** So saying, Mi-ner'va, goddess azure-eyed. Rose to O-lym^pus, the reputed seat Eternal of the gods, which never storms Disturb, rains drench, or snow invades, but caLn show how BTTRODUCTION.

INTRODUCTION. Eu-ryn'O-me, They females. 7 are spoken of as the elder gods, whose dominion was afterwards transferred to others. Saturn yielded to Jupiter, Oceanus to Neptune, Hyperion to Apollo. Hyperion was the father of the Sun, Moon and Dawn. He is therefore the original sun -god, and is painted with the splendor and beauty which were afterwards bestowed on Apollo. " Shakspeare. Ophion and Eurynome ruled over Olympus till they wera Milton alludes to them in dethroned by Saturn and Rhea. ^ Jupiter, however, escaped this fate, and when grown up espoused Me'tis (Prudence), who administered a draught to Saturn which caused him Jupiter, with his brothers and sisters, to disgorge his children.

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