Building Noah’s Ark for Migrants, Refugees, and Religious by Jin-Heon Jung, Alexander Horstmann

By Jin-Heon Jung, Alexander Horstmann

Construction Noah's Ark for Migrants, Refugees, and spiritual groups examines faith in the framework of refugee reports as a public strong, with the religious and fabric use of faith laying off new mild at the business enterprise of refugees in reconstructing their lives and positioning themselves in adversarial environments.  

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Now, we realize that our country is here. Not here in the US specifically, but here where we are in the world. ” There were many spirit messages in the early 1960s that warned wealthy people that their riches would be taken from them. The people who profited from the wartime situation were told that they would have to suffer later, because material rewards were not the same as spiritual rewards. Caodaists now say the fall of Saigon was part of God’s plan, and ultimately the traumas caused by the communist victory could be understood retrospectively as part of a larger story of the globalization of their religion and its eventual triumph.

In fact, Vietnamese who came as “boat people” in 1978–1984 were also admitted as refugees (under the Orderly Departure Program under the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), as well as those who came as part of the “humanitarian order” to receive former political prisoners and their families in the period 1992–2000. 6 percent after 2000. According to the 2010 census the Vietnamese American population has grown to 1,737,433. Approximately 30 percent of Vietnamese Americans identify themselves as Catholic, with the others practicing a fusion of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and native animist practices, including ancestor 42 JANET ALISON HOSK INS worship, influenced by Chinese folk religion.

35 Almost all of the people I spoke to said that in April 1975, they thought we were just refugees fleeing a dangerous situation, but as the years passed they realized that this was God’s way of forming new missionaries in countries like the United States, Australia, Canada, and France. They came to see that it was their role to help create a global religion of unity, not merely a religion in exile that would serve the Vietnamese community. They understood that the suffering of millions in fact had a reason and a justification.

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