Breath on the Mirror: Mythic Voices and Visions of the by Dennis Tedlock

By Dennis Tedlock

This outstanding booklet we could readers listen Maya myths as they're advised this present day within the mountains of Guatemala. First released in 1993, Breath at the reflect is now to be had simply from UNM Press."A attention-grabbing literary and anthropological expedition into the psychological universe of the trendy Quich? Maya and their forebears. The tales and myths so compellingly mentioned right here flip our personal global upside-down and remake it within the Maya picture. examining this, you may comprehend why and the way Maya tradition has survived 5 centuries of oppression."--Michael D. Coe, Yale college, writer of The Maya

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All works reprinted by permission. The drawings on pages 99 and 100 appeared previously in The Quiché Mayas of Utatlán: The Evolution of a Highland Guatemala Kingdom by Robert M. Carmack. Copyright © 1981 by the University of Oklahoma Press. The drawing on page 19 appeared previously in The Sculpture of Palenque: The Temple of the Inscriptions, vol. 1, by Merle Greene Robertson. Copyright © 1991 by the Princeton University Press. BREATH ON THE MIRROR: Mythic Voices and Visions of the Living Maya.

And when the midwife had done her grinding, the fat for the first vigesimal beings came off her hands when she rinsed them. Around and out beyond that mountain and this one today, and countless Page 3 mountains from the Rockies to the Andes, are people who keep their flesh and fat by eating maize, who grind it fine between two stones, who remember it cannot reseed itself. Down to our southeast, at the edge of a small plain there, the ripened maize was planted by don Mateo, and he knows the ways of a matchmaker, and his wife, doña Leona, is a midwife, and she shelled and ground a little of that maize, and she gave us a cloth-wrapped bundle to bring along, and in it are thick tortillas that bear fresh handprints, hers.

The invisible names and dates and desires of this great shrine would fill an entire library. Today is May 27, 1997, and the Mayan calendar stands at Eleven Cane. On this date, every 260 days, the head priest-shaman of Altar Town goes up to the mountaintop shrine of Tamancu. For more on that subject turn to the chapter titled ''Two Rhythms at Once,'' but I will tell you now that Tamancu is the sacred mountain of the sun's left hand, or what we call the south. In another chapter, "The Language of the Animals," some strange things happen on the slopes of that mountain.

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