Break a Million at Pac Man by Ernest Zavisca, Gary Beltowski

By Ernest Zavisca, Gary Beltowski

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Pac-Man, you can’t depend on the fact that the monsters don’t go up the T’s of the board. Our experience so far has not indicated any particular places where the monsters don’t go. They all seem to go everywhere, so look out! The Dots Slow You Down As before, consuming dots slows you down compared to your speed along an open path. In Ms. Pac-Man, this slowing effect is much more pronounced and occurs much earlier in the game. As early as Board 3, this speed decrease of the Pac-Ma’am is very noticeable and can allow the monsters to catch her from behind.

Pac-Man game can be very costly! Concentrate on your original plan for clearing those dots. Tunnels May or May Not Help Pac-Man players develop a certain inclination and affection toward tunnels. They become your friends. The use of tunnels tends to be helpful in Ms. Pac-Man, but there are some important differences to note: • The tunnels are shorter; therefore you don’t have as much time and cannot increase your lead as much as in Pac-Man. • The tunnels only slow the monsters down on Boards 1 through 3; after that, the tunnel itself does not help you increase your lead.

However, because of the walls near the tunnel, it seems that the monsters are not as likely to follow you all the way into and through those tunnels. In summary: Use the tunnels when they can help you, but 57 remember that after Board 3 certain tunnels may be more trouble than they’re worth. Traditional Pac-Man thought processes have to be revised! of the board around P1 and P2. Again, clearing these areas when they are monster-free or immediately after consuming energizers is sound strategy. Don’t Be Too Aggressive After Energizer Consumption Our experience has shown that very often a quarter will last longer if you aren’t quite so aggressive following energizer consumption.

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