Bordflieger im Einsatz, 1939–1945. Mit der Kriegsmarine am by Franz Kurowski

By Franz Kurowski

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4 Some families who speak a language other than that of the community insist on keeping it as the language of the home. Within the family itself the main language of one member may be different from that of the other members. e. Native American] families where the children address their parents in English and receive replies in the native Indian language of the parents. In families where one of the parents knows a second language, this language may be used as one of two home languages. Studies of the effects of such a practice have been made by Ronjat (1913), Pavlovitch (1920), and Leopold (1939–49) to test the theory that two languages can be acquired for the same effort as one.

16 LI WEI If it were possible for a child to live in two languages at once equally well, so much the worse. His intellectual and spiritual growth would not thereby be doubled, but halved. Unity of mind and character would have great difficulty in asserting itself in such circumstances. (Laurie, 1890:15) This view of Professor Laurie represented a commonly held belief through the twentieth century that bilingualism disadvantages rather than advantages one’s intellectual development. The early research on bilingualism and cognition tended to confirm this negative view point, finding that monolinguals were superior to bilinguals on intelligence tests.

2. 2 we note that it lists a number of contact areas and points, each of which appears opposite a number of columns of variables. Let us first consider the contacts. Contacts The bilingual’s language contacts may be with the languages used in the home, in the community, in the school, in the mass media of communication, and in his correspondence. Home languages The language or languages of the home may differ from all or any of the other areas of contact. Within the home the language of the family may differ from that of its domestics and tutors.

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