Barrier Polymers and Structures by William J. Koros

By William J. Koros

content material: Barrier polymers and constructions : evaluate / William J. Koros --
basics of gasoline diffusion in rubbery and glassy polymers / S.A. Stern and S. Trohalaki --
results of structural order on barrier houses / D.H. Weinkauf and D.R. Paul --
shipping of plasticizing penetrants in glassy polymers / Alan R. Berens --
constitution of amorphous polyamides : impression on oxygen permeation homes / Timothy D. Krizan, John C. Coburn, and Philip S. Blatz --
shipping of penetrant molecules via copolymers of vinylidene chloride and vinyl chloride / J. Bicerano, A.F. Burmester, P.T. DeLassus, and R.A. Wessling --
gasoline shipping via bisphenol-containing polymers / John C. Schmidhauser and Kathryn L. Longley --
Water shipping via polymers : requisites and designs in foodstuff packaging / Leonard E. Gerlowski --
Barrier houses of ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer in retorted plastic nutrients bins / Boh C. Tsai and James A. Wachtel --
Retortable nutrition applications containing water-sensitive oxygen barrier / M.M. Alger, T.J. Stanley, and J. Day --
functionality of high-barrier resins with platelet-type fillers : results of platelet orientation / T.C. Bissot --
Permeability of aggressive oxygen-barrier resins : orientability and influence of orientation / R. Shastri, H.C. Roehrs, C.N. Brown, and S.E. Dollinger --
Polymer blends : morphology and solvent limitations / P.M. Subramanian --
development in barrier homes of polymers through sulfonation and reductive metallization / W.E. Walles --
Fluorinated high-density polyethylene barrier boxes : functionality features / J.P. Hobbs, M. Anand, and B.A. Campion --
Packaging of juices utilizing polymeric barrier packing containers / J. Miltz, C.H. Mannheim, and B.R. Harte --
lack of taste compounds from aseptically processed foodstuff items packaged in aseptic bins / A.P. Hansen and D.K. Arora --
Diffusion and sorption of linear esters in chosen polymer motion pictures / G. Strandburg, P.T. DeLassus, and B.A. Howell --
Sorption and diffusion of monocyclic fragrant compounds via polyurethane membranes / U. Shanthamurthy Aithal, Tejraj M. Aminabhavi, and Patrick E. Cassidy --
Toluene diffusion in common rubber / Lawrence S. Waksman, Nathaniel S. Schneider, and Nak-Ho Sung.

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C. 20036 ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1990. 47 48 BARRIER POLYMERS AND STRUCTURES have used a new t e c h n i q u e ing recovery" (a f l u o r e s c e n t branes. in these investigators membranes different populations However, slower consisted differed between i s not c o n s i s t e n t model, and was fluorophore molecules transition i s lowered of two the fluorophore d i s p e r s e d molecular The d i f f u s i o n the experimental sorption The that by two o r d e r s exchange ture found mobilities.

9A f o r Ar. A F o r He, H, 2 found that relation derived. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1990. for λ the 2. , diffusion jumps. Brandt well as and of data the neighboring that are E^, from due their to E^, 12 and large The to activation E^, due to the and resistance of an the (11) which i s not p a r t o f t h e E_^, and found 19. calculated values. E ^ in terms of activation f and used unsymmetrical Anysas gases in (15j Using and Barrer's found be in zone theory be 25 to attributed to low the tested sources, to calculations ones, fluorocarbon other other Ε _ («Ε,+Ε , ) t o have a minimum f o r d b ι T h i s can pressure from polymer too neighbors, the bend penetrant energies a p p r o p r i a t e to the d i f f u s i o n were internal motions, diffusion experience Brandt f between experimental for between t h e c h a i n s .

Temperature (73j . of which has which extension d i f f u s i o n process The from independent An effect predicting solubilit (assumed t o be determined. of requires values both a the coefficient. method penetrant/polymer data of assumes d e s c r i b e s the of penetrant, atures, thermodynamic a a The Tg diffusivity and of theory o f D but assumption implicitly self-diffusion f o r a b i n a r y system. ; dynamics together with a have been p e r f o r m e d in i n polyethylene. The exhibit realistic potentials polymeric restricting bond angles.

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