Bangs and twangs: science fun with sound by Vicki Cobb

By Vicki Cobb

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The cup should be held lightly and gently to pick up the sound from the record. The cup and pin are not as good at picking up the music as a stereo system. But it is good enough to get some idea of the recorded sound. The first record players worked the same way as the needle and cup. They were just a lot bigger. Page 36 6 Squawky Walkie-Talkie So far, all the sounds you've made from this book travel through the air. But sound can travel through other things until it reaches the air and your ears.

Pluck a guitar or a piano string or a stretched rubber band. Blow across the open top of a soda bottle. Listen to each sound you make. Is it like a musical note or is it an ordinary The sound waves are traveling through air. Page 5 noise? Is it high or low? Can you match the tone with your voice? Hit something solid like countertop. Hit something hollow like a box. Knock on a wall in several places. Some areas may sound hollow, some may sound solid. The solid sound comes from places where there is a beam or stud behind the wall.

When the pot vibrates, the air molecules surrounding it move. The air molecules bump into other air molecules farther away, setting them in motion. In this way, the vibration travels from one group of molecules to the next, like a wave. In fact, it is called a sound wave. When the sound wave reaches the stretched plastic wrap, the wrap vibrates the way the pot vibrates. The moving grains of sugar show the vibrations. Save this bowl for another experiment on page 20. Page 16 How We Hear Sound Waves Page 18 Vibrations are the reason your voice can travel through the telephone.

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