Atari in Wonderland by Fred D'Ignazio

By Fred D'Ignazio

Comprises twenty-two brief, uncomplicated video games to take advantage of with an Atari laptop on such issues as shades, sounds, multiplication, country names, spelling, fractions, and Spanish and French languages.

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Say the word out loud a couple of times. Now look at the list of phonemes on the screen. Your job as a sound detective is to discover which phoneme is hidden inside the word. n':li'~*I':'I:J " 3120 RETURN 3500 REM *** ARROW SUBROUTINE 3510 OPEN #1,4,0,"K:" 3520 OLDX=-1:0LDY=-1:C=0 3550 FOR X=O TO 5 STEP 5:FOR Y=O TO 8 ST EP 2 3552 C=C+1 3555 IF OLDX<>-l THEN GOSUB 3655 3560 POSITION X,Y:PRINT #6;CHR$(27);:POK E 85,X:PRINT #6;CHR$(159) 3570 GET #1,K 3580 IF K=155 THEN POP :CLOSE #l:GOTO 36 30 3590 IF K=32 THEN 3610 3600 GOTO 3570 3610 OLDY=Y:OLDX=X 3620 IF X=5 AND Y=6 THEN GOSUB 3655:POP :GOTO 3520 3625 NEXT Y:NEXT X 3630 RETURN 3650 REM *** ERASE ARROW 3655 POSITION OLDX,OLDY:PRINT #6;CHR$(32 ) 3670 4000 4010 4020 4030 4040 4050 4060 4090 RETURN REM *** SELECT SOUND/WORD PH=(INT(RND(1)*9)+1)*10 RESTORE 5000+PH WD=INT(RND(1)*5)+1 FOR L=1 TO WD READ W$ NEXT L RETURN FAT CAT 4100 4110 4120 4130 5010 5020 5030 5040 5050 5060 5070 5080 5090 REM *** PRINT WORD II POSITION 12,4:PRINT #6;" POSITION 12,4:PRINT #6;W$ RETURN DATA fat,cat,man,hat,fast DATA rich,witch,lunch,catch,much DATA red,hen,bed,leg,pet DATA stuff,off,cuff,muff,huff DATA be11,sti11,wi11,ro11,se11 DATA ship,fish,sp1ash,wish,dish DATA grass,glass,cross,dress,mess DATA thin,bath,c1oth,with,thick DATA that,this,then,than,them Typing Hints ...

If the book report or story is too big to fit on the screen, the computer pauses at the bottom of the screen for you to read what is there. Then it erases only the text on the screen (leaving the title information and your name intact), and fills the screen with new text. It keeps doingthis until it comes to the end of the story or report. At the end, it prints the words "THE END," centered on the screen. Did you notice how many PEEKs and POKEs there are to memory position 84? The computer goes to location 84 to find where it is on the TV screen as it prints out lines of text.

Why not change that and make the computer display a certain screenful of text until you press the RETURN button. That way, you can relate how fast the computer jumps to a new screen to the speed of the reader. This would be especially helpful to younger children who still read very slowly. And how about a subroutine that takes the report and stores it on a tape or disk? Your child might spend a long time typing in a report and might want to save sections of it at one time on tape or disk to work on later.

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