Asylum, Migration and Community by Maggie O'Neill

By Maggie O'Neill

Problems with asylum, migration, humanitarian defense and integration/belonging are of growing to be curiosity past the disciplinary components of refugee reports, migration, and social coverage. Rooted in additional than 20 years of scholarship, this ebook makes use of serious social thought and participatory, biographical and humanities established tools with asylum seekers, refugees and rising groups to discover the dynamics of the asylum-migration-community nexus. It argues that inter-disciplinary research is needed to accommodate the complexity of the problems concerned and deals knowing as praxis (purposeful knowledge), drawing upon leading edge participatory, arts established, performative and coverage correct study.

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When states began to practise expulsion of unwanted minorities, creating refugees, aliens and stateless people, they created people without legal status, in a state of limbo, caught between nations, states, territories with no legal status. It could be argued that the Evian Conference, called by President Roosevelt in July 1938 to address the pressing issue of Jewish refugees on ‘humanitarian’ grounds, simply reinforced this ideology and cemented discourses of abjection and ‘otherness’ towards the Jews of Europe.

And, given the rolling back of states’ claims to sovereignty in the context of supranational powers such as the EU, nation states ‘still claim the foundational, constitutive prerogative of sovereignty: their right of exemption’ (Bauman, 2004, p 33). Indeed, Stripped of a large part of their sovereign prerogatives and capacities by globalization forces which they were impotent to resist, let alone control, governments have no choice but to ‘carefully select’ targets which they can (conceivably) overpower and against which they can aim their rhetorical salvos and flex their muscles while being heard and seen doing so by the grateful subjects.

Adelman, 1999, p 83) In this chapter I support this argument as many others have done (Castles, 2003; Marfleet, 2006; Sales, 2007), but I also argue for the need to better explain and understand the processes, discourses and policies related to forced migration, the impact of humiliation and human rights (Lindner, 2006; Smith, 2006). For Marfleet, the key themes or threads of analysis to explore forced migration include: the underpinning theory of globalisation and the ‘implications for patterns of forced migration’ (2006, p 5); the character and role of the liberal state and the role of politicians and state officials; refugee movement to the West; and the need for an interdisciplinary lens (refugee studies) when studying migration.

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