Archetype, Attachment, Analysis: Jungian Psychology and the by Jean Knox

By Jean Knox

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Some of the confusion over which aspects of the psyche are inherited can be traced back to the confusion between the two concepts which I shall examine next, first, that of abstract, nonrepresentational organizing psychic structures, and second, of core representational, symbolic meanings. Other confusions arise furthermore even when model 1 of the JUNG’S VARIOUS MODELS OF ARCHETYPES 31 archetype as a biological, inherited structure is linked to model 2 of the archetype as a content-less, organizing framework, an issue which I shall discuss in the next section.

Jung 1919: para. 275) 34 JUNG’S VARIOUS MODELS OF ARCHETYPES In his discussion of ‘idea’ in ‘Definitions’ (Jung 1921: paras 732–7) Jung explores Schopenhauer’s development of Plato’s ‘idea’. Schopenhauer emphasized the visual aspect of the archetype, as Jung approvingly noted: ‘For Schopenhauer the idea is a visual thing, for he conceives it entirely in the way that I conceive the primordial image’. It is therefore especially the philosophical concepts of Plato and Schopenhauer which most strongly contribute to this model of the archetype, in which it is seen to provide an a priori symbolic core of meaning to all experience.

Richard Dawkins (1998) gives a striking example from his own personal experience of the kind of coincidence which is often used as evidence of synchronicity. He chose a four digit combination for his bicycle lock one day and later received an authorization code for the academic office photocopier with exactly the same code. Dawkins points out that although the coincidence is impressive because the odds of matching all four digits of his bicycle combination are 1 in 10,000, There is no reason to suspect anything other than simple accident.

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