Antique Firearms Assembly/Disassembly: The comprehensive by David Chicoine

By David Chicoine

Tips from the grasp Gunsmith you will not locate anyplace Else!

For the collector, for the hobbyist, for the novice gunsmith, Antique Firearms Assembly/Disassembly is a useful reference software. Written in undeniable English and profusely illustrated, Antique Firearms Assembly/Disassembly presents distinct methods for taking down and reassembling an incredible number of unique and copy handguns, rifles, and shotguns. even if you are easily cleansing a Colt 1836 Paterson copy revolver or changing the complete bolt meeting on a Marlin 1895 lever motion, Antique Firearms Assembly/Disassembly may also help you keep away from universal errors, dear pitfalls, and pointless complications. it is a must-have addition to any gun owner's library!

  • Covers sixty five versions of vintage and classic handguns, rifles, and shotguns: Colt, S&W, Merwin-Hulbert, Remington, Winchester, Ruger, and lots of more
  • Contains exploded perspectives and one thousand+ targeted, step by step photos to steer you thru the total process
  • Includes a whole listing of gunsmithing assets that will help you locate instruments and parts

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After pulling out the wedge and placing the hammer in the loading position, use the loading lever and rammer as a tool to separate the barrel from the frame, having already rotated the cylinder so the rammer pushes on the cylinder face in between two chambers. before attempting any disassembly or before handling the revolver. This check is performed by carefully examining the rear of the cylinder at each chamber to be certain that there are no percussion caps on any of the nipples (#14). If percussion caps are present on the nipples then you should consider this a loaded firearm.

The bolt (#12) may now lifted straight up out of the frame opening. The rear and lowest of the two tiny screws in the right side of the frame is the sear screw (#621), which may now be loosened several turns. The sear/trigger bar assembly (#618 & #174) may now be lifted out of the top of the frame. Unscrew and remove the trigger screw (#38), which is the forward-most screw in the right side of the frame. The trigger (#10) may be lifted out of and removed from the frame. Unscrew and remove the hand and sear spring screw and lift the hand and sear spring (#19) out of the frame.

The backstrap (#8) and the one-piece grip (#11) may be removed by pulling them down and to the rear as a unit. Once off the frame, the grip may be pulled straight forward and off the backstrap. indd 33 8/25/05 11:38:56 AM Antique Firearms Assembly - Disassembly The Walker with its entire action removed. Notice the similarities to all later single action Colt products. the triggerguard. The mainspring #20) will now lift out. Assembly note: This same mainspring design is used on First and early Second Model Hartford Dragoon pistols.

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