Angels: A Modern Myth by Michel Serres

By Michel Serres

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Then she turned his face toward her and looked down at him. Adam Fripp was dead, and the daughter who loved him more than anyone else in the world began to sob uncontrollably. But there was no one to hear and no one to comfort her. The next morning Stuart was at the door. He had noticed that the light in the lighthouse was out. Stuart and two other islanders returned a few hours later with a wooden sea chest. They weighted it, took it into the ocean, and left it far out beyond the low water mark.

And if there is a break for a moment in the clouds out there.... " The storm was getting worse by the minute. It made her think of a raging beast trying to reach its prey. A beast without rule or reason that would hear no pleas for mercy. The wind rattled the window frames and battered at them as if it sought to come in. She saw her father looking at them, too. Neither mentioned it and Caroline unwrapped the sandwiches she had brought. The rain was torrential and the wind continued to gather force.

Enclosed was a brief note. I am forwarding Hansen's letter to you written just before his attack. Undoubtedly, his hallucinations resulted in the unconscious state in which I found him. At my recommendation he has left for a rest and change of scene. He insisted on giving me his quilt which, pathetically enough, the poor fellow believes to have been a factor in his illness. Respectfully, John Gerber 40 • South Carolina Ghosts The letters of the signature were tall and flowing. Dora Monroe sat down and wrote to Alfred Hansen.

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