An Indian Rational Theology - Introduction to Udayana's by G. Chemparathy

By G. Chemparathy

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I am90grateful to Prof. GONDA for drawing my attention to this point. For example: NKus 379, 3—380, 5 = Kir 322, 10—23; NKus 380, 8—381, 6 = Kir 322, 24—323, 9; NKus 388, 1—390, 5 = Kir 309, 18—310, 12; NKus 391, 1— 392, 2 =• Kir 310, 13—24; NKus 430, 2—431, 2 = Kir 328, 17—329, 2. This list is not complete. 91 The Kusumänjali, p. v. 92 He had, indeed, correctly guessed that Udayana's original work must have contained a prose "commentary" to his verses. Cf. The'Kusumänjali, pp. x—xi. ^ 3. ANALYSIS OF THE NYÄYAKUSUMÄNJALI* STABAKA I 2} 2—40, 2 INTRODUCTORY PART 2,1—6, 2 11,1—12, 1 Dedicatory verse.

Udayana 33 The most important contribution of Udayana to the Isvara doctrine lies especially in establishing the existence of Isvara. He has not only refuted in detail the opponents' arguments for the non-existence of Isvara, but has also brought forward, as we shall see, a series of proofs for his existence54. 54 Cf. pp. 77 ff. 3 Chemparathy CHAPTER TWO THE NYÄYAKUSUMÄNJALI 1. GENRE AND STRUCTURE The Nyäyakusumänjali belongs to that genre of Indian philosophic literature known as Prakarana which corresponds to the Western concept of a monograph.

51 Cf. NM I, 162, 11: äh kumate; ayi müdha (ibid. 162, 17). Cf. Jayanta's caustic remark to the Mimämsakas ibid. ; Sriharsa calls his opponent param manda (KhKhKh 279, 5—6). 52 Critique of Indian Realism, p. 120. 53 Cf. the introductory verse of LV: pranamya pärvatlnätham . , U. MISHRA (HIP II, pp. 155—156) maintains that "Udayana cannot be called a Saiva alone or a Vaisnava alone or even a Säkta alone", since all the Maithilis—Udayana is said to have been a Maithili—are at the same time Säkta, Saiva and Vaisnava.

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