American Gothic: New Interventions in a National Narrative by Robert K. Martin, Eric Savoy

By Robert K. Martin, Eric Savoy

Drawing broadly on modern theory—particularly revisionist perspectives of Freud akin to these provided via Lacan and Kristeva—this quantity levels from the well known Gothic horrors of Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne to the preferred fantasies of Stephen King and the postmodern visions of Kathy Acker. detailed cognizance is paid to the problems of slavery and race in either black and white texts, together with these by way of Ralph Ellison and William Faulkner. within the view of the editors and individuals, the Gothic isn't a lot a historic classification as a style of proposal haunted by means of background, part of suburban existence and the lifeblood of movies equivalent to The Exorcist and Fatal Attraction.

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Ross Chambers in Romn for Manezmcln’ states with brilliant simplicity that a change in desire can cause a desire for change. (Reading,for Chambers, involves “the possibility ofa conversion in thereader from a form of desireassumed to be consonant with the structuresof powerto an ‘other’ form, more congenial to textual oppositionality and simultaneously constituting a shift that is a conversio adse” [243]. ) “What I am influenced by. changes ‘my’ sense ofthe desirable. And to that extent. . my production of the real” (236).

What does seem clearis that gothic constitutes a site which readers return to generation after generation. Gothic has surely contributed more than its share of imagoes to our permanent memory (Frankenstein,Jekyll and Hyde, Dracula above all,but the scarlet letter and the white whale too), images that proffer to each citizen in the terrifjmgprivacy of readerlyquiet the same healing question, Why are youso afraid? The teeth of Heathcliff shining in death, the necrophilic bedroom of the Emily to whom Faulkner offered a rose, the rusty sawblade that Sethe passes across the throatof Beloved-why are we so afraid?

The healing is self-healing, for what the whites encounter in the shaman is white magic,not black; not his power, but theirs displaced. The colonizers had beeninjured by projecting onto thecolonized a puissant part of their own being, those desires that were unacceptableto theEuropean orthodoxy of their time. The wound that lingers in theGuatemalan whites today is self-division. They can therefore be healed only by regaining contact with their own puissant desiresthrough theme- 34 FRAMING T H E GOTHIC diation of the terrifymg Other.

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