American & British 410 Shotguns by Ronald S. Gabriel

By Ronald S. Gabriel

Representing the end result of 30 years of study, this publication catalogues the 125-year developmental heritage of the 410 handgun in either Britain and the U.S.. assurance contains makers comparable to Browning, Ithaca, Winchester, Boss, Holland & Holland, Purdey and others

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Of scroll and game scenes. Like the Gebruder Merkel, and unlike the Boss, Woodward, In 1967, Browning introduced the last Superposed and Beretta, the Browning is a high-frame gun. A sliding underlug refinement for the walking hunter, the Superlight. This configu- and a knuckle pin locking the floor plate to the lower barrel elevate ration was a special joy in the 410, adding to its sleek delicacy. The the barrel axes.

Boxlock 410s manufactured by local Purdey artisans or high-volume firms—to be then precisioned and refined built such an action for a 32-bore rifle in the mid-19th century. by the quality firm under whose name the gun would be sold—usu- It is clear that this action was developed earlier in Europe, ally would have the inscription “Made for ... ” on the barrel rib. and it appears that France was the only country where it was able to sustain a commercial life. Darne, the great gunmaking compa- In 1897, Westley Richards developed a refined variation of ny of St.

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