Aircraft performance by Maido Saarlas

By Maido Saarlas

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4). 2 shows typical units in use. Thrust Producing For jet engines, the output is thrust. Since the jet power is a product of thrust and velocity, and since jet engine performance curves are usually given directly in terms thrust, Eq. 16) A comparison of Eqs. 16 shows that reciprocating engine performance should be considered from a power-available/powerrequired point of view and the jet engine case reduces to thrustavailable/thrust-required formulation. The thrust of a jet engine can often be described by analytical statements that can lead to simple performance calculations and analytical solutions (Appendix D).

53) and to solve for the velocity V. 54) where the positive sign is used for maximum velocity and negative sign for minimum velocity. It should be noted that Ta represents any available thrust (at a given throttle setting) at an altitude and is assumed to be independent of velocity in Eqs. 54. Thus, Eq. 54 avoids the curve-fitting process to determine the constants m, To, A, and B in Eqs. 34 and may seem to yield somewhat more accurate results. However, if thrust shows appreciable variation with velocity as is more often the case, the calculation process may turn out to be rather laborious and iterative to determine the correct value of Ta for use in Eq.

24. Eqs. 34 lead to analytic expressions for aircraft performance, with accuracy depending on the goodness of fit to actual engine data. To simplify calculations, and to generalize the results, it is practical to use nondimensionalized equations, starting with Eq. 2. 40) which is Eq. 30 and was entirely expected. The maximum velocity can now be obtained by substituting a suitable thrust expression into Eq. 36. Consider first Eq. 33—or for that matter, any thrust expression with T independent of velocity.

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