Aircraft Dynamic Stability and Response by A. W. Babister (Auth.)

By A. W. Babister (Auth.)

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I. u n i t s ) . li , Y Z ae ae9 ae are the steady state values of X a9 Ya9 Za. The aerodynamic moments are zero in the steady flight, since the aircraft is then in trim. £ ( £ ) , J ( t ) , 2(t), l(t) 9 $ ( t ) , ft(t) are the aerodynamic forces and moments due to movement of the controls from their trimmed positions (and may thus vary with the t i m e ) . As can be seen from E q s . 35), in general we assume that the aerodynamic forces and moments depend solely on the instantaneous motion of the aircraft.

2 . 4 ( c ) , 3= Conditions such as those in Fig. 4(c) occur when an aircraft model is being tested at an angle of yaw in a wind tunnel, where the direction of motion in the free stream is unaffected by the yaw of the m o d e l . Equations of Motion 17 () b Fig. 4 Angles of yaw and DETERMINATION OF THE AERODYNAMIC sideslip FORCES We shall next derive simple expressions for the aerodynamic forces and moments (X , Y , Z , L , M , N ) which appear on the right hand sides of E q s . 14). e. of u, V w, p, q and r (all 9 small quantities of the first o r d e r ) .

In radians) from the trimmed position. The corresponding aero-normalised non-dimensional derivatives are defined by 2 73 *n = \l\» VeS e Z n = Z /Jp K M n = M /^p 7 n n 2 e e2S . 74) e eS e . 75) NON-DIMENSIONAL AERODYNAMIC DERIVATIVES o o o o o o o (LATERAL) o o The aerodynamic derivatives Y , Yp, Y , L , Lp, L , N , Np, N occur in the equations v r v r v r of lateral asymmetric motion. 78) p= Ypl\p V Sb (this being the datum reference length in lateral stability analysis). 80) . 83) due to rate of yaw, N = N l\p V Sb .

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