African Plains Coloring Book by Dianne Gaspas-Ettl, Coloring Books

By Dianne Gaspas-Ettl, Coloring Books

This interesting coloring booklet, documenting the wildlife of the African plains, will thrill colorists and nature enthusiasts alike. 41 lifelike scenes (including 4 double-page spreads), meticulously researched and properly rendered via artist Dianne Gaspas-Ettl, depict quite a few wild animals of their traditional habitats.
Included are ready-to-color illustrations of a powerful giraffe at a water gap, a matriarch and herd of African elephants, a cheetah with its younger on an deserted termite mound, a yellow-winged bat amid the blossoms of the baobab tree, village weaverbirds' nests placing from umbrella acacia, and lots more and plenty extra. Descriptive captions accompany every one representation, deciding on topics through universal and Latin names and in short describing the environment.

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