Aerodynamics of Low Reynolds Number Flyers by Wei Shyy, Yongsheng Lian, Jian Tang, Dragos Viieru, Hao Liu

By Wei Shyy, Yongsheng Lian, Jian Tang, Dragos Viieru, Hao Liu

Low Reynolds quantity aerodynamics is critical to a few usual and man-made flyers. Birds, bats, and bugs were of curiosity to biologists for years, and energetic examine within the aerospace engineering group, inspired by means of curiosity in micro air automobiles (MAVs), has been expanding swiftly. the first concentration of this e-book is the aerodynamics linked to mounted and flapping wings. The e-book contemplate either organic flyers and MAVs, together with a precis of the scaling laws-which relate the aerodynamics and flight features to a flyer's sizing at the foundation of straightforward geometric and dynamics analyses, structural flexibility, laminar-turbulent transition, airfoil shapes, and unsteady flapping wing aerodynamics. The interaction among flapping kinematics and key dimensionless parameters akin to the Reynolds quantity, Strouhal quantity, and lowered frequency is highlighted. many of the unsteady raise enhancement mechanisms also are addressed, together with modern vortex, quick pitch-up and rotational circulate, wake seize, and clap-and-fling.

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Illustration of biological flapping-wing patterns: forward and back strokes, and flexible- and asymmetric-wing motions (photos by the authors), and figure-eight pattern (Azuma 1992). ) therefore, depending on the forward velocity, different techniques have been devised to calculate the forces acting on a specific species. In slow forward flight, both reduced frequency and wing-beat amplitude tend to be high, resulting in highly unsteady flow structures. In accordance with the Lifting Line Theory (Jones, 1990), the lift on a wing is related to the strength of the bound vortex.

Therefore, if we intend to predict these effects on the wing-beat frequency, it is more suitable to include I as an independent parameter (Pennycuick, 1996): f = (mg)1/2 b−17/24 S−1/3 I −1/8 ␳ 3/8 . 22) Another relation observed by Pennycuick et al. (1996) is the effect of air speed on wing-beat frequency when body mass changes. 23) where k2 , k3 and k4 are proportional constants. 1 Upper and Lower Limits Can scaling arguments provide any information about limits on the size of flapping flyers capable of sustained flight?

Given a particular AoA, a twofold increase in speed will result in a fourfold increase in lift. Density (␳ ): For cases of interest to bird flight, the density of the air is basically unchanged because birds fly within a narrow altitude near sea level. In general, a decrease of density that is due to an increase in altitude will decrease the lift. 15. The Great Flight Diagram gives a relation among wing loading, weight, and cruising speed. Adopted from Tennekes (1996). Wing loading (W/S): From Eq.

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