A dictionary of phonetics and phonology by Trask, Robert Lawrence

By Trask, Robert Lawrence

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The phenomenon in which a speaker hears her/his own speech via the conduction of sound both through the air and through the bones of the head. Such feedback is important in monitoring and controlling speech; loss of feedback, as in severe deafness, may result in abnormal speech. Cf. kinaesthetic feedback and see delayed auditory feedback. auditory nerve /n3:v/ n. (also acoustic nerve) Either of the two bundles of nervous tissue connecting the cochlea of the inner ear to the auditory area of the cerebral cortex.

5. adj. In the Williamson feature system, one of the three possible values of the feature apicality. apical-dorsal vowel n. (also apical vowel, coronal vowel) A phonetic vowel (sense 1) articulated with the tip of the tongue raised sufficiently to produce audible colouring but not friction. Such vowels occur in certain varieties of Swedish and Chinese. Sec Laver (1994: 319-320). apicality /repl'krehti/ n. 1. In the Williamson feature system, a distinctive feature with the possible values laminal, apical and retroflex.

N. A segment so articulated, such as the dental fricatives [8] and [0] in Spanish. apico-Iabial 1. adj. (of a segment) Articulated with the tip of the tongue and the upper lip forming the primary occlusion: one type of lingnolabial. 2. n. A segment so articulated, such as the plosives. fricatives and nasals reported for the South American language Umotina (Ladefoged 1971) and for a number of Pacific languages (Maddieson 1987). In the IPA. an apico-Iabial may be represented by the use of the diacritic [...

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